Struggling To Succeed
Struggling To Succeed
Helping you start your journey of success
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The Struggle Is The Hack!

Struggling to Succeed is the tale of one man's journey to start working for success.
After years of living for the weekend and working jobs without a sense of purpose, I began to ask "is this it?"


I ask myself this question every day.
I felt like I started my journey late in life. I found that much of the success, motivation, and self help content out there just wasn't aimed at someone like me. A lot of tips, techniques, and strategies were aimed at people who had already succeeded in building their positions as leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs. What about someone starting out? Where do you begin? 

I am still working on my journey, let me help you on yours.




After spending over 30 years with my head in clouds, I began to take the concept of 'success' seriously. I began reading business, philosophy, and personal development books and trying to implement everything new that I learned. 

I decided to set a challenge for myself:

Start a Youtube channel and document my struggles with success. The challenge began January 2017. Over the course of 52 weeks and I would post 52 videos... 

Now, as I continue to grow my channel and I have started to realize that The Struggle Is The Hack!


The Channel

The channel explores the worlds of business, philosophy, and personal development. Based on my experiences, I find and curate some of the best concepts and post about them weekly.

Everything I discuss I have tried in my own journey, struggling towards success.

I think I found the secret to my success: Doing the work is the shortcut and struggle is the hack!

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.
— Fred DeVito

Creating your New Normal - In this video I discuss how developing new habits and routines over days, months and years, start to create a New Normal for you.



I am in the middle of building out an E-Book and other materials, if you would like to stay up to date with everything I do email me below!