After spending over 30 years with my head in clouds, I began to take the concept of 'success' seriously. I began reading business, philosophy, and personal development books and trying to implement everything new that I learned. 

I decided to set a challenge for myself:

Start a Youtube channel and document my struggles with success. The challenge began January 2017. Over the course of 52 weeks and I would post 52 videos... 

Now, as I continue to grow my channel and I have started to realize that The Struggle Is The Hack!


The Channel

The channel explores the worlds of business, philosophy, and personal development. Based on my experiences, I find and curate some of the best concepts and post about them weekly.

Everything I discuss I have tried in my own journey, struggling towards success.

I think I found the secret to my success: Doing the work is the shortcut and struggle is the hack!

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.
— Fred DeVito

Creating your New Normal - In this video I discuss how developing new habits and routines over days, months and years, start to create a New Normal for you.